Price Per Head

With one of the most trusted names in the price per head industry, we offer you one of the best price per head services with many exclusive features. The safety and effectiveness are our priority, so we have a highly experienced team who is ready to help you at any time. Our software guarantees that your information is always protected and accessible. We continually add new features, enhancements and options to the system and keep our customers updated.

Our price per head software is easy to manage, all you need to do is assign a password to each player, set your limits, and wagering menu; the software will do the rest for you. We don’t store personal information about you or your customers, the only information we can access is Password, and betting history.

You can keep track of all the clients’ wagers and payments on real-time and it allow you to have control over their moves, betting limits and more. You can also reset the money line, over/under or change the odds. Your privacy and data will not be compromised and with this service users will have more time on developing their business. We will never ask for names, email addresses or other contact information, we only need the player ID and password.

Your customers can make online gaming or phone when they want, as our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We also have our mobile platforms, so they can do it from anywhere at any time. Your clients will benefit from an unlimited amount of wagering options and activities, as they will have one of the largest sports betting offering in the industry, with over 80 leagues. Besides the sporting events and free daily bets, we offer the best information and experience in the horse racing with multiple options.

Also, we have some of the best price per head casino services on the market with over 50 different games, including the traditional ones and the most exotic. We offer a two-week trail and then you will pay only $10 per week. If the players don’t make a bet, there is no charge. The site will not take any commission/percentage on your player’s winnings.

Don’t waste your time on the small details, the time and money that you save by using our price per head service will allow you to spend more time and money on the areas of your business. Register now or call us and start enjoying its benefits.

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